There is nothing more frustrating than getting injured. Actually there is, and that is getting injured and going to physical therapy for weeks on end with no relief. With insurance reform complicating matters and reimbursement continuing to decline, many providers are more concerned with patient retention than results. Physical Therapy should not be administered in a conveyor belt fashion where you find yourself doing the same thing over and over again.

Everyone has a different tolerance of pain so it is impossible to group people together by injury. If you factor in age, state of healing, and the patient's overall health, coming up with a successful formula takes a little more than riding a stationary bike, doing a couple exercises, then finishing off with some electrical stimulation and ice. Since this process can be time consuming, many patients fall through the cracks as they find their physical therapists are unable to give them more than a basic protocol each visit.

Another reason many people find physical therapy doesn't work for them is due to the fact that once a physical therapist gets a license they can do whatever they want. Despite the push for evidenced-based practice, you will find conflicting theories on what to do from therapist to therapist. Combine this with other medical providers giving their own opinion of how you should treat an injury and its no wonder results are no longer a given.

So how do you assure yourself the results you want? As I have mentioned in the past, you need to trust your healthcare provider. If you have doubts and are reluctant to buy into your therapist's plan of care, there is a good chance you will not achieve an optimal result. Most importantly, you need to believe that you are going to get better. No matter how serious or how long you have been dealing with your current condition, if you don't think you won't get any better, you won't.

Remember rehabilitation is more mental than it is physical. A positive outlook will yield a positive result. Just like a negative outlook will bring a negative result. Just because physical therapy didn't work for you in the past, don't throw in the towel. Find a physical therapist you believe in but most importantly believe in yourself.

Yours in health,

Keith Pacific