As they say, “Variety is the spice of life.” It also happens to be imperative when it comes to making progress with either your workout or your physical therapy program. All too often, people find themselves stuck in a rut. This happens in gyms and physical therapy clinics across the country on a daily basis. Here are a few reasons why mixing things up may be just what you need to see the progress you’ve been working so hard for.

Varying your routine will keep you seeing continuous progress-

By manipulating sets, reps, tempo, rest, and exercise selection and order, there countless ways to make a workout feel fresh again. Changing things up every three to four weeks is necessary to see results.

Gives you the opportunity to achieve new goals-

With a new workout comes a new challenge. Aside from staying interested, changing the program will give you a new set of goals to meet. These goals should ultimately lead you to your long-term goal whether it be finishing a road race or climbing three flights of stairs without a rest.

Keep you coming back for more-

Years back the importance of cross-training was making headlines. Somewhere along the way that message became convoluted. With trendy new exercise classes and methods, people jump on the bandwagon and unfortunately fall off when they plateau and the routine gets stale. A good physical therapist or personal trainer should be able keep things interesting while you see continued progress.

Your body will thank you-

While some injuries are inevitable, you can minimize your risk by giving your body a break it needs. Alternating movements, changing the weight or method of resistance, or adding cardio between sets are just some of the ways you can ease the stress you are putting on your body.

It may take some time for you to get the confidence you need to make these changes in your workout. But remember, there are professionals that can help you with this process. Just know that if you are doing the same thing you’ve been doing for months or years without seeing results, don’t expect to see a change anytime soon if you continue on that path.

Yours in health,

Keith Pacific