Where does the time go?


I thought I was just a couple years behind on my posts, but it turns out I was only over three years off. What happened during this time? For starters, I moved my clinic from downtown Tampa to South Tampa in August of 2018. I also moved west to start a Ph.D. program. I partnered with a couple of great physical therapists to maintain Physique Physical Therapy/Personal Training in the Tampa area. I have been fortunate to have the opportunity to travel back to Tampa periodically to treat my regular clients and provide home visits to patients in Denver, Colorado.

During this time, I've gone through many ups and downs, similar to one of the many recovery periods from surgeries I've experienced. I learned the challenges of being in a Ph.D. program while keeping a practice running efficiently from out of state are not easy tasks. There are no books, courses, or experts that can provide a blueprint for a comparable journey's successful navigation. This process is reminiscent of the osteochondral allograft and meniscus transplant procedures I had years ago. There was only a short outline of the rehabilitation protocol with more questions for each of these novel orthopedic surgeries than answers.

It may have taken some time, but in January of this year, I finally felt like I had made some headway. My partners were doing an outstanding job with patients in the Tampa clinic. I could feasibly manage the day to day operations with manageable stress. However, as the ups and downs go into rehabilitation and life, the COVID-19 pandemic threw a wrench into everything. Orthopedic doctors had to put surgeries on hold, and patients were uncertain about their safety. Many people chose to forego physical therapy while going through their own difficulties due to the virus.

We were faced with uncertainty as the entire physical therapy/gym industry was turned upside down. Closing our doors and moving on was a serious consideration just a few short months ago. Fortunately, along with my partners Kristy and Chris, we chose to step up and provide alternative services to keep moving forward. We expanded our telerehabilitation delivery platform, started work on continuing education courses for physical therapists, athletic trainers, and personal trainers, and are designing workshops for the Tampa community. All the while, we continue to provide safe and effective one on one care to each client every day.

Time seems to go faster and faster as the years go by. Don't spend the precious time you have thinking about what you can't do or what you don't have. Stop dwelling on the hardships that have emerged and continue to challenge us all. The one positive that has come from this pandemic is the realization that life should not be a series of endless duties that never seem to satisfy our needs. Enjoy the accomplishments you've already had, and look forward to accomplishing more. But don't miss out on your time on this journey, because you spend much more time on the ride than you do at the finish line.

Yours in health,

Keith Pacific