Anyone who has had to use his or her health insurance for any type of procedure or office visit knows all too well that health care is not what it used to be. What used to be a reasonable co-payment of $10 to $15 is now closer to $60. Then depending on what is done during your visit, you may end up with a bill for a couple hundred dollars a few months down the road. If the monetary hit isn’t enough to frustrate you, add in the amount of time you waste just waiting for a few precious minutes with the person in charge of your health.

As a physical therapist, I have seen it go from bad to worse in the outpatient setting. When I started, I would have to handle less than ten patients a day. These days I don’t know many therapists who are treating less than twenty each day. Healthcare providers are accused of being greedy, but much of the blame should be shifted to the insurance companies as massive cuts over the years have made your healthcare experience feel like buying meat at a deli.

With reimbursement per visit being slashed on a regular basis, providers have to control costs. Since rent, liability insurance, billing, and other equipment costs seemingly never go down, providers are forced to see as many people as possible to make up for these deficits. Unfortunately, you the customer ends up paying for it in more than one way. Not only does your quality of care go down, your stress levels seem to rise as you begin to wonder why you aren’t getting straight answers and never really find yourself getting better.

Unless you are blessed with a great healthcare plan, which offers reasonable co-payments, low deductibles, and the ability to choose your provider, you are most likely holding onto your medical insurance as a last resort. You will forgo all preventative measures and doctor visits and utilize your policy only if you have a serious problem. Meanwhile, each year your policy seems to cost you more but give you less.

In today’s economy it is difficult to wait for a great job to come along that offers great medical insurance benefits. If you are health conscious and in relatively good health, consider enrolling in a health savings account which will cover preventative tests and office visits. The money you put into that account can be used for other medical expenses and it will not cost you as much as a traditional healthcare plan. As a concierge medical provider, I can also speak volumes about having your own personal healthcare professional when you need them. Many people who are getting fed up by their lack of insurance despite paying for it are making the switch to concierge care. Remember, YOU are ultimately in charge of your health care.

Yours in health

Keith Pacific