Over the past several weeks I had the privilege of working with the NFL players association and assisting retired football players with their healthcare needs. They ranged in age from late 20’s up through the mid-50’s. One thing they all shared was a myriad of injuries that stemmed from their playing days.

While treating a number of former players who were several years younger than myself, I couldn’t help but notice they all were trying to figure out life after their careers on the gridiron. Some of them talked openly about the difficult times when they were no longer a member of a team while some were content in their lives away from the game.

One of the common topics was how the injuries they suffered while playing were affecting their everyday lives. Simple tasks like prolonged sitting, standing, or walking were oftentimes too much for some of these players to deal with on a daily basis. There was one former player in his mid-30’s who couldn’t even lift his own kids from the floor due to knee and back issues.

While I was attending to their physical therapy needs, there were other specialists on hand providing treatment for perhaps the most serious injuries of them all. A good number of retirees were having post-concussion symptoms that were compounding their physical ailments.

I was more than happy to help provide care for these athletes who sacrificed their bodies for the most popular sport in the United States. Although it may go unnoticed, remember every time you watch an NFL game on Sunday that these people go out week in and week out and play a sport they know will possibly affect their lives long after their playing days.

Remember there are many professions everyday people have that may lead to physical issues when their working days are over. Members of the military, police, firefighters, and similar career paths have higher than average injury rates. Take care of yourself and your body along the way.

Yours in health,

Keith Pacific